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Hellenic Relief Foundation Facilitates Large Easter Offering

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This year marks the fourth consecutive Easter holiday, when the Hellenic Relief Fund offered donations to Greek families facing hardships.

The donations were made possible by the Omogenia and provided food and gifts to Greek families in need. This past Saturday, April 4th, 200 children and their families were given attire, shoes, grocery store gift certificates and more. The sponsors behind the initiative were the owner of Marazil and Mandarino, Ria Frangou, Markidis chocolate factory, Meridien shoe company, philanthropist Barbara Lallas, and Vasilopoulos Food Bank.

In Athens on Holy Tuesday, an Easter feast was provided compete with lamb, holiday items, wine, milk, and more. Another large offering took place on Corfu as well. In Thessaloniki on Holy Wednesday, 85 families were granted small holiday packages, from a plethora of various donors.

The Hellenic Relief Foundation was established in February 2012 and generates U.S. funds for Greeks in need, back in the homeland. About $250,000 has been dispersed in Greece as of yet, in an approximated 220 tons of aid initiatives. To learn more about the Hellenic Relief Foundation, visit: www.hellenicrelief.org.