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Doukakis honored by Massachusetts

The State of Massachusetts honored Greek origin politician Michael Doukakis by giving his name to the central railway station, known as “South Station” in Boston.

The station is now renamed “Governor Michael S. Doukaks Transport Center”.

As “National Herald” Greek newspaper writes, the decision to rename the station was taken because the State of Massachusetts wanted to honor this Greek-american politician, the child of Greek immigrants, who has served as the Governor of Massachusetts from 1975-1979 and from 1983-1991.

He contributed decisively to save the station from its demolition and to the restructuring of the railway connection of Massachusetts to other major East-coast cities, such as New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Maine, the newspaper adds.

The speedy electric train, knows as 'Acela' that connects Boston to the above cities, was his idea.

Michael Doukakis was the first Greek-american in Greek community history to run for US President and he was given the mandate of the Democratic party for the Presidency in 1988.

He is currently 81 years old and still teaches Political Science at Northeastern University of Boston. As he stated “I don't believe people in Boston will stop calling the train station 'South Station'. I can't recall how many different names have been given to Boston Garden, but people still call it Boston Garden. I am however grateful for the honor.”