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Greek-Australians Offer Greek Vote Stance

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The majority of Greek-Australians would appreciate the right to vote in Greece from Australian, even if they haven't resided in their homeland for a lenghty period of time.

According to Neos Kosmos' online poll, 62% desired voting rights in Greece for the Diaspora, yet 38% did not. Supporters of the act believe that gaining the right to vote is a vital element to remaining active in Greece, and secures their investment properties. Presently, Greeks living outside the nation are only allowed to vote in Greece that have Greek citizenship.

As Antony Margetis stated on Neos Kosmos' Facebook page, "Australian citizens who reside in Greece can vote for the federal elections in Australia...What's wrong with Greek citizens doing exactly the same and voting from their place of residence?"

While Kat Smith believes, "If you are a Greek citizen or hold dual citizenship yes, but no if you live and work in another country and vote there." Michael Pikos wrote on the Facebook page, "We don't live there, how can we vote for any changes if we aren't going to live with the consequences?"

(Source: Neos Kosmos)