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MTV "Growing Up Greek" airs tonight amid controversy

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When MTV released the promo trailer of a new reality show titled "Growing up Greek," no one could predict that an online war would erupt among the members of the Greek-American community.

Opponents of the show organized a digital "crusade" for gathering signatures and putting in place a petition that sought to ban the show or prevent it from using the term "Greek." According to petition organizers, the show reflects cultural stereotypes and presents a "gross misrepresentation of what it means to grow up Greek."

"What makes us Greek is pride," the petition explains. "Pride for our faith, family and each other. This show lessens us to look like Jersey Shore."

Advocates of the show, however, responded by creating their petition. They say that it is not fair to judge a show based solely on a promo video.

"There is a rush of judgment. How can you have a negative opinion before watching the show?" wondered a friend of the participants who preferred to stay anonymous. "Be patient and you would realize that the show promotes the positive side of the Greek culture in Tarpon Springs."

MTV announced that it does not plan to cancel or change the name of the show. The "Growing up Greek" premier is scheduled to take place tonight (December 3rd 11 p.m.).