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“Growing Up Greek” mocking Greek diaspora?

The MTV reality show on the life of Greek Americans in Tarpon Springs has raised strong opposition in the ranks of the Greek American Community.

“Growing Up Greek” is being accused by many expatriates as showing a shallow, overpopularized and defamatory side of the Greek American Community.

Libel or simple satire? Embarrassing approach or representation of reality? In any case, MTV's reality show Growing Up Greek has garnered the attention of the Greeks in the US before it has even gone live! The "extreme" character and the parallels with the controversial - but popular - Jersey Shore, have led to an electronic signature collection for the cancellation of the project! On their part, supporters believe that it showsa side of Greek-American Diaspora and advise the public to see it.

The scenario

In particular, the comic reality show follows the lives of a group of youths of Greek origin, about 20 years old in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The daily lives include Greek fun, fellowship and intimacy with other Greek-Americans and the problems created in particular because of the culture gap with their Greek parents and grandparents.

The reactions started when the trailer aired, which shows the youths approaching their Greekness with most clichés who attributed by Americans: The "opa", the famous Greek salutation that siarts with “m”, bouzouki, plate smashing, tossing napkins and dollars, frappe coffee and other elements that attempt to grasp at Greek mentality.

"It's comedy! Let's face it after all: The Greeks are ... wild kids" comments Stella on Facebook. Instead, Olga has another view:

"Please do not do it. I saw the trailer and it's a shame. It does not represent us!".

The social media dialogue with hundreds of people involved is be unstoppable ... and in some cases ... beyond curteous.

However, on the official site of MTV, expatriates who commented on the trailer showed, in their vast majority, intense dissatisfaction with the content, believing the Greek American community is being discredited.

Watch the trailer and form your own opinion.

The premiere will take place on December 3.