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Tina Fey First Addresses Bill Cosby’s Accusations in 2005

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Tina Fey brought light to Bill Cosby's recent public accusations of rape back in 2005, that can be seen in the Saturday Night Live video below.

Over the last month, Cosby's shows have been cancelled and his series reruns have been stopped, due to a large amount of females coming forward on rape charges against the comedian.

On Saturday Night Live's 2005 "Weekend Update" segment, Fey and her co-anchor Amy Poehler cracked about a lawsuit concerning Cosby's molestation of a California lawyer thirty years ago, after drugging her.

The popular Greek-American comic states that Cosby claimed he was "suffering from the brain damage" and can not be held responsible. In 2009, Fey lashed out at Cosby again on her series 30 Rock. Watch the SNL video by scrolling to the very bottom of this page.