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Papandreou Upsets Greek-Australian PASOK Supporters

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George Papandreou's creation of the Movement of Democratic Socialists and his PASOK discontinuation, has also upset the Greek-Australian PASOK community.

Australian PASOK member Angelo Haritou described to Neos Kosmos, "We completely agree on PASOK's take on the matter. George Andreas Papandreou is in fact behaving like an heir that wants to destroy the PASOK party founded by his own father."

Haritou added, "He is set to destroy the very PASOK party that honoured him by electing him as its president and made him prime minister...PASOK is neither inherited, nor divided. It's not George Papandreou's toy to be broken or 'fixed' at his pleasing...The former premier is obviously acting solely on the basis of personal goals, without any real political motive behind his decision."

The Greek-Australian PASOK delegate further commented, "All those that honour and respect the name Papandreou should know by now how to distinguish between Andreas Papandreou and George Papandreou...I do not see any breakthrough ideas coming from Papandreou's new party. There are no substantial ideological differences...His attempt will only lead to more voters fleeing towards SYRIZA, as they see the socialists of Greece entering an era of constant dispute rather than unity, to help the nation stand on its feet again."

(Source: Neos Kosmos)