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SYRIZA's Victory Sparks Global Greek Reaction

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SYRIZA's victory in Greece's snap elections has stirred up mixed emotions within the global Greek community.

I spoke with various Greeks from all around the world spanning from Australia to Belgium, from Brazil to France, and here in the United States. Here's what they had to say about the leftist party's electoral success.

Aspasia from San Paolo, Brazil: "Greece will come out of the crisis and out of the Eurozone. Greek people are strong and we have won a lot of wars. An economic crisis won't beat us down."

Dimitri from New York City: "It's a change, it's a new start with a young leader. For the last twenty years we have only had ND and PASOK, so at least it's new. It's a great victory for Alexis Tsipras. Tsipras can try to fix the country's problems which the other parties couldn't do."

Christos from Paris, France: "I feel so sorry for the country but Syriza is not the solution...If China was still communist, their economy will not be like today. Greek people need to wake up and do like Spain, Italy and Portugal... They are banking on tourism!!! The young people of Greece are lazy and forget their parents and grandparents work very hard... Make money and have fun... Bank on visitors...."

Lambros from New Jersey: "I guess we will just have to wait and see."

Dioni from Sydney, Australia: "The vote was one of frustration and despair of the Greek people due to 5 years of austerity measures; there are dangers ahead and there must be unity amongst all the Greek politicians to tell Europeans they've had enough suffering and want growth. A few English lessons wouldn't hurt him [Alexis Tsipras] though!"

Jimmy from Astoria, NY: "It's a new era for a country that has been destroyed by two political parties over the past 4 decades, all I can hope for is a NEW Greece!"

Eirini from Washington, D.C.: "Can the nation evolve under any party with current troika mandates and hidden corruption?"

Kosta from Greece, who has lived in the New York metropolitan area for three years: "I think it's great change, it's good to change, I don't know if it's good or not but it's good to change."

Christos from Greece, who has lived in Manhattan for twenty years: "It's an awesome victory. I am very happy that the right-wing party got defeated because we are worth it, they did so many mistakes. We are worth it for better change."

Kosta from Brussels, Belgium: "What happened in Greece should have started somewhere else in Europe, but it's good that it started there. Now it will spread in the rest of Europe. In Europe, they like what happened but they are afraid to admit they also support this ideology for their own countries. Slowly, slowly it will happen in the rest of Europe."

Petros from Greece, who has lived in America since 1992: "I don't really follow Greek politics because I don't think that any current politician in Greece has a solution for the country's current problems. However I am entertained by SYRIZA's victory because it will be a fresh show for everybody to watch. I am waiting to see how the Europeans will react to this and how similar parties in other European countries will get encouraged by this."

Iasona from New York City: "Same old story, nothing is going to change."

Maria from NJ, a U.S. born citizen who married a Greek and spent 30 years of her life in Athens: "All politicians are corrupted and I am happy to see a new person Alexi. I don't trust him and I don't expect him to do wonders but honestly I am sick of PASOK and ND. I took my family and we came back to my birth country. My son is still in Greece, had a job, was not getting paid for months, he quit and now he cleans cars."

Lefteris from Greece, who has lived in America for two-and-a-half years: "I am very happy because I believe that this time something is going to change in this country after all these stupid people ran this country for decades."

Nikos from Astoria, NY: "I hope for the best but I don't trust anybody because we are full of promises."