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Greek Australians reach out to African war victims

The Australasian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) in Queensland have teamed up with The Latest Tricks to create prosthetic limbs for people in West Africa using 3D printers.

Following the Civil War there is great demand in the area for prosthetics, with many civilians having fallen victim to horrible punishments, resulting in amputations.

The 3D technology will change lives, giving people the opportunity to print their own prosthetics at a significantly lower cost.

"Prosthetics cost thousands of dollars; 3D printing of items like this is around $50 to $100," said Ralf Muhlberger, spokesperson of The Latest Tricks.

Over the next year, the team are looking to fine-tune the system, aiming to simplify the process of measuring limbs and imputing data.

"We need to work out, how do we measure up people's stumps, how do we fit the prosthetics, how do we train people to use them (the printers)," said AHEPA'a Nick Inglis.

The project will provide 3D printers for volunteer organisation Paradise 4 Kids and is being funded by AHEPA