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AHI Releases Online Policy Journal

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The American Hellenic Institute Foundation (AHIF) has just released its Spring 2015 Online Policy Journal.

The publication offers nine articles and two book reviews, and calls on authors to submit writings on current historical and policy issues that affect U.S. relations with Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeastern Europe. The AHI Spring 2015 Online Policy Journal can be accessed at: http://ahiworld.org/AHIFpolicyjournal/current-issue/.

Editor Dan Georgakas described this season's edition, "With this issue, we again seek to enhance the quality of American foreign policy regarding the eastern Mediterranean, particularly Greece and Cyprus. Our essayists combine historic analysis with recent events and place them in broad cultural contexts," on AHI's website.

Georgakas added, "We believe key factors in enriching American policies are the activities of the Greek community and its allies, and we seek to empower them in whatever way we can. We think it especially important to work with Greek Americans still at the onset of their careers. In all our endeavors, we advocate the need for a commitment to the principle of Rule by Law coupled with a commitment to rendering an authentic historic record stripped of ethnocentric bias."