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Greek Energy Group of North America Seeks New Members

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The networking platform, Greek Energy Group of North America (GEG), was recently created and calls on members to actively advocate business relationships within.

GEG would like to include all energy professionals, faculty, and students, with Greek roots to join its Group. The requirements for membership are professionals and students of Greek descent who are involved in energy works, research or studies in North America.

The main pillars of GEG are to enrich the knowledge of the members of the group with respect to the energy industry, mentor young professionals or students in their effort for a successful energy career, partner with local institutions, universities and research centers with discussions or lectures on energy related topics, connect members to the newly emerging developments in Greece, Cyprus and in the South-East Mediterranean Energy Corridor, and to promote the collaboration of Greek educational institutions with the energy industry, according to the Greek Embassy in Washington, D.C.

GEG was established a few moths prior and holds 76 current members, including Plains All American COO and President Harry Pefanis. Former Greek Minister of Energy and Environemental Change Maniatis addressed the need for a network such as GEG, that can additionally serve as a focal point for the Hellenic government on energy matters and findings. For more information on how to become involved with the Greek Energy Group of North America (GEG), contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..