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Niarchos richest Greek globally

The eldest son of Stavros Niarchos, Philippos is the richest Greek in the world according to the new list of billionaires Forbes magazine announced on Monday afternoon. His fortune is estimated at $2.5 billion, an amount that places the 61 year old collector and entrepreneur in 737th place in the world for 2015. He was in 687th place in 2014.


Philippos Niarchos, who is married and father of four children, moves between London and Paris and is considered one of the 10 largest art collectors on the planet. Only the collection of paintings and artwork is estimated at exceeding $1 billion. The 'crown jewel' of the collection is considered Van Gogh's portrait "Self Portrait With Bandaged Ear" the value of which is estimated at $100 million.

Six years ago, he spent $71.7 million for the acquisition of "Green Car Crash" by Andy Warhol. Picasso's paintings could not be missing from the collection which includes the iconic “Yo Picasso” which was acquired in 1989 by paying $47.9 million at a Sotheby's auction.

Spiros Latsis follows closely with assets worth 2.4 billion euros, placing him 782th in global rankings compared to 506th in 2014. The shipowner, also active in the financial sector, was wronged by the moment (February 2015) since during this period banking stocks in Greece were at a historic low.

Finally the list of world billionaires , as concerns Greeks, is complemented by Aristotle Mystakidis, with activity mainly in mining. His assets are currently estimated at $2.2 billion (894th position in 2015, 687 in 2014).