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Sydney Hosts Cypriot Youth Conference

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Cypriot youth organization NEPOMAK held its 11th annual conference this year in Sydney, which was hosted by the Cyprus Community of New South Wales and New Zealand.

NEPOMAK serves as an body that represents 18-year-old to 30-year-old Cypriots, and offers participants a networking event about their culture and the Cyprus issue.  Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Darwin Cypriots attended the event that held workshops spanning a wide range of concerns.

These include networking, fundraising, charity, and youth retreat planning workshops. In addition, Cypriot High Commissioner Ioanna Malliotis addressed the group on matters of concern for Cyprus and how NEPOMAK delegates can assist natives affected by the nation's economic challenges, according to Neos Kosmos.

NEPOMAK's efforts will be continued after an anonymous vote was held, to help find a just solution for Cyprus and lobbying Australian politicians to work for one as well.