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Greek Wins Big in German Lottery

Georgios Valavanis is the lucky winner of a million euros at a television show produced by German lottery SKL, in Munich.

The life of the 51 old diaspora Greek, hailing from Samothrace, changed on 25 October when his name was announced, at the show called "Lucky Day."

Mr. Valavanis said that the money would not change his life and he will continue to go to work everyday at the Daimler plant where he has worked for the last 28 years, and where his father worked before him, and where his son now works.

He stated that he plans to buy a house for himself and his wife, and apartments for his two children.

Georgios Valavanis emigrated with his family to Stuttgart in 1972 and stated he has never regretted it Asked whether he would return to Greece he categorically stated that he would not, but he would definitely visit.