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University of Melbourne Receives Generous Donation From Greek Couple

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The University of Melbourne has been gifted with a generous donation from a Greek-Australian couple, that will assist in creating a Classics Chair.

The revenues were offered by Professor James Tatoulis and his wife Elizabeth, who both attended the college. In a statement the Tatoulis pair described, "We have been fortunate recipients of the fine education that Australia provides, which has allowed us to be successful and to be in a position to contribute back to our society," as reported by Greek-Australian news portal Neos Kosmos.

The Classics chair will be coined the Elizabeth and James Tatoulis Chair in Classics. Both James and Elizabeth are teachers and academics.  Elizabeth stated, "The Ancient Greek and Roman world influences our society in philosophy, politics, law, literature, language, culture, architecture, engineering, science and medicine...In short, it forms the basis of western civilisation."

The University of Melbourne's Faculty of the Arts commented that it is "honoured to receive the gift, made through Believe - the Campaign for the University of Melbourne, and considers the Elizabeth and James Tatoulis Chair in Classics a significant benefit to the national study of classics and the broader community."

Professor Tatoulis declared of his educational assistance along with his wife, "We wish to support and encourage interest and scholarship in the humanities in general, but in the classics in particular and support committed scholars in the area of academic endeavour."

(Source: Neos Kosmos)