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Watch Video: Greek-American running in the NYC Marathon

Translation By Lisa Darilis

A Greek-American athlete is participating in the New York City Marathon for philanthropic purposes. Penny Kouklakis Homenides, who is well known in her community, will run the course of the "BigApple" to help raise money for The Hellenic Relief Foundation, a New York non-profit organization, who provides health and nutrition to the population of Greece suffering from the current economic crisis.

"I did research and found The Hellenic Relief Foundation. It was the most appropriate organization. Without the support of any other organizations, political nor religious, a group of Greek Americans organized for the distribution of food and provided a type of first response health care system for Greece with money collected from the United States," stated the athlete.

The participation of Penny Kouklakis Homenides of New York in the marathon has a special meaning for the Greeks of the United States, who, as it seems in a picture she took with supporters, express their support for her in every way.

The video with Penny Kouklakis Homenides' statements can be seen on New Greek T.V. or www.newgreektv.com.