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Omogeneia Rushes to Aid Myrto

In record time, the Federation of Hellenic-American Societies of New England and the Youth of Hellenic-American Federations sped to the aid of Myrto Papadomichelaki, trying to overcome severe brain trauma after a severe bashing of her head on rocks during a rape attempt.

Myrto is recuperating at Spaulding Hospital, after a series of brain surgeries in Greece in Greece and world famous Massachusetts General Hospital.

Sixteen months ago, Myrto, then 15, on vacation with her mother and sister on Paros, was assaulted by a Pakistani national. Myrto resisted the rapist and he dashed her head against rocks and hit her cranium with a stone resulting in very serious injuries to her brain.

Since then doctors across two continents have waged an uphill battle to improve her quality of life. Myrto has been in Boston since June.

Last week the two omogeneia organizations picked up the torch of her cause and announced efforts to help Myrto through the purchase of a special computer device, worth $25,000, that will enable her to communicate with her eyes. So far, Myrto can neither move, nor speak.

The Federation has opened up an account at Citizens Bank 13 26 08 68 95 where you may deposit contributions, or you can send contributions to:
FHASNE The Mirto Fund
Attn: Kyriakoula Patsaouras, Special Secretary
10 Corcoran Drive, Hyde Park, MA 02136 ή