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Greek theater group in Dubai

An amateur theater group brings closer Greeks that found themselves for different reasons abroad and aims to pass on the Greek love for the theater, while offering to people in need of culture.

The team Scenes & Skenes is an amateur theater group, created in 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The founder Vicki Koumoutsi, a professional actor and a theater scholar, with extensive presence in TV series, theatrical performances and films in Greece, has as her vision the artistic expression, contact and promotion of Greek theatrical culture in a region with a great thirst for all kinds of artistic events.

"It is humbling to realize how much in common you have with people who were away from their country each for different reasons and at different stages in their life. The theater and more generally art, has the magical ability to become the thread that binds us allowing us to maintain our cultural identity while providing entertainment and projecting our Greek culture," explains Ms Koumoutsi.

The group comprises ten amateur actors who devote their personal time, working with professional criteria, aiming at intellectual relief and expression and the establishment of a quality artistic instrument for the Greek community in the UAE and the wider region.

Fellow travelers on this trip are professionals from various specialties (producer, costume designer, set designer, graphic designer, photographer) who with their valuable assistance contributed in achieving the above objectives.

All members of the team, in front and behind the stage, also have a deep desire through this whole creative process to be able to give even a small smile to people who really need it, thus strengthening the nonprofit organization Emfasis Foundation, the brainchild of a group of Greeks abroad, created to give immediate and effective solutions to burning social phenomena facing our fellowmen such as homelessness, lack of medical insurance, the survival of single parents, etc.

The first theatrical project of Scenes & Skenes this season will be held on November 7 in Dubai at Ductac theater, the hilarious comedy of Riga-Apostolou, "Dad don't die of Friday again".

Applause, therefore, for the laudable initiative of the Greek Group, which with passion, madness, strong emotions and all their sous, makes its first theatrical venture with a unique dream view of Greek theater abroad