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Greek American's murder shocks Astoria

The funeral for 55-year-old Greek-American George Patouchas will take place on Friday at 10 am. Patouchas was murdered in his shop in Astoria by a 23-year-olod maniac, Sunday at noon. A minute's silence was observed at the event of the New York City Council for Greek Independence.

The yearly event of the New York City Council for the celebration of Greek Independence took place on Monday afternoon, in the "shadow" of the murder of George Patouchas.

Clearly influenced by the incident, the Councilor, Kostas Konstantinidis - whose constituency includes Astoria - asked to observe a minute's silence, although, as he noted, it was a "joyous event," and recalled that the unlucky 55 year old lost his life in an attempt to defend a fellow man.

Shortly afterwards, a special reference to Patouchas was made by the Ombudsman of the City of New York, Leticia James, a close associate of Mayor Bill de Blasio and the highest-ranking official present.

"George Patouchas was known in Astoria for his kindness and generosity. His life was a fulfillment of the American dream. He came to the US and worked hard for the sake of his family," said Ms. James.

Police are continuing investigations into Patouchas' murder, who suffered a fatal attack from a 23 year old man, in Astoria, last Sunday. 

The community is still reeling in shock. At the crime scene police presence signifies ongoing investigation. Especially the shop of the Greek-American, who hailed from Ano Chora, near Lepanto (Nafpaktos). Patouchas paid with his life just minding his own businesses and going about his work.

The unfortunate 55 year old left behind a seven year old girl, after his murder by a young man running amock, whilst trying to save a homeless man.

The crime resulted in four more persons injured, who were hospitalized. Two are police officers who arrested the killer.

Friends, family, and simple citizens pass by the spot leaving flowers and offerings where they