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Greek driver kills four people in Melbourne

His name is Dimitris (James, “Jimmy”) Gargasoulas, he is 26-years-ols and he lives in Windsor, Melbourne. Earlier on Friday he drove his car on the pavement going at 60 km/h! He killed four people, among them a child.

According to police information a man and a woman around 30-years-old were killed and 25 people were injured. A 3-month-old baby is in critical condition.

It appears that the perpetrator had stabbed his brother before he went on his killing frenzy!

Gargasoulas has a history of violence, drug use and mental issues. The police officers on the site were forced to open fire at him and now he is the hospital under guard, while he seems to be cooperative with the authorities.

One of his relatives states on the press that “Jimmy was always a bad person”.

According to some sources, he was holding a hostage, a woman known to him, who managed to get away before he drives the car on the people.