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Stavros Theocharis: The 27 year old from Volos who is vying in the Dutch elections

A 27 year old from Volos is vying for a seat in the Dutch Parliament, in the elections scheduled for March 15.

It Stavros Theocharis, who is a candidate in the Dutch parliamentary elections, to be held on March 15, with the «Hero Brinkman-Ondernemers Partij» party and holds the esteemed seventh place on the party list.

Stavros Theocharis was born and raised in Volos. At 13 he left with his family for the Netherlands and is active today in The Hague, together with his family, operating one of the city's most famous restaurants. Stavros Theocharis has never been severed from his homeland, since for two months every summer he visits Volos to see relatives and friends.

The 27 year old Greek, along with his involvement in the family business in The Hague, is studying Law, and the politics "bug" led him in recent years to join the youth of the «Hero Brinkman-OndernemersPartij» party of which he is now president. Last November, the leader of the party, looking for fresh faces to communicate the positions of the party, suggested that he be a candidate in national electionsand he accepted, since the party represents the middle class and the middle class.