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Feast of Orthodoxy in the Stockholm Cathedral

The Feast of Orthodoxy was celebrated in the Saint George Cathedral in Stockholm, in the presence of Metropolitan of Sweden and Scandinavia Kleopas.

The Divine Liturgy was conducted in six languages: Greek, Swedish, Russian, Serbian, French and English. The psalms were sang by the Cathedral’s cantor Dimitrios Kalpakidis and the churche’s byzantine choir.
The ceremony was honored by the presence of the Archbishop of the Syrian Aramaic Community in the Diaspora Benjamin, the Copt Eminence Bishop. Mr. Anba Abakir, His Excellency Ambassador of Greece in Sweden Mr. Dimitrios Touloupas, member of the Swedish Parliament Mr. Roger Hadad, the Hon Consul of Cyprus Mr. George Loizou, the Hon Consul of Armenia Mr. Arshak Manoukian, the Hon Honorary Consul of Greece in Malmo Sweden Mr. Sotirios Dikos with his wife Maria and Hon Honorary Consul of Greece in Iceland Mr. Alexander Rafn Sigurdsson with his wife Anna Juliana.