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Athens concerned over continued demolition of houses of Greek ethnic minority in Albania

The Greek Foreign Ministry expressed concerns regarding the decision by the Albanian authorities to proceed with the demolition of residences of members of the Greek ethnic minority in Himarra.

The Greek Foreign Ministry released a statement underlining the decision was a deliberate distraction from the recent revelations of links between Albania’s political figures and organised crime.

“The apparent links of organised crime with the political scene in Albania are concerning, as evidenced by the recent arrest of the drug trafficking chief, who is also a relative of a former Prime Minister of the Rama government revealed”, the statement read. The Greek Foreign Ministry went on to say: “It is equally alarming that the Albanian government continues to promote property destruction measures for members of the Greek Ethic Minorities in the context of a political uprooting of the historical presence of Hellenism in the area of Himarra. Yesterday’s decision by the Albanian authorities confirms that the newly adopted Minority Law is a step backwards for the main minority of Albania. Many interpret it as an act aimed at distracting Albanian public opinion from the major political issue that has emerged with drug trafficking.”, the statment concluded.