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«Olive You», European Table Olives  Event in New York (Video, Pictures)

One of the many promotional strategies of the European Table Olive's program «Olive You» is to hold Tasting and press events such as the one recently held at the Greek restaurat Mykonos Blue, located in the heart of Manhattan.

The Olive tasting event showcased European table olives in various appetizers, bowls filled with Olives for tasting and drinks accompanied with olives. The Food Network's Chopped Champion Chef, Maria Petrides spoke about the wonder's of Olives and how important they are for our diet.

OliveYou 2017-11-16  0003-web

The Greek Trade Office of New York states that the export of Greek Olives has reached 130million of which has been projected to reach higher revenue amounts in the future.

OliveYou 2017-11-16  0009-web

The purpose of the European Table Olive's program is to help integrate olives into the American diet.