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Greek Australian abducts 97 year old woman believing she was her dead mother

A Greek Australian woman kidnapped a 97-year-old Greek from a nursing home in Australia because she believed she was her dead mother!

Last Saturday a Melbourne nursing home reported the disappearance of 97-year-old Demetra Pavlopoulou.

Two hours later, the senior was found in a home in another area and was transferred for preventive purposes to a hospital.

Meanwhile, 51-year-old Irene Moschonas was found and arrested elsewhere, accused of kidnapping and illegal detention.

Police managed to locate the kidnapped woman when a friend of the 51-year-old saw the old woman in the living room of her friend's home, and called the police.

The 51-year-old womanl was taken to court, on Monday, where she claimed she believed the elderly was her mother, despite her having died in a nursing home in 2013. As reported, the 51-year-old believes that "there was a conspiracy against her by some people, with the aim of getting her mother's property." In the past, she had asked for an exhumation to refte her mother's death through DNA testing.

The court rejected the 51-year-old's request for bail on concerns about her mental condition and remanded her into custody.

The police also argued that Moschonas often visited nursing homes looking for her mother, including the home she found her abductee. Indeed, her last visit was only a few days before the kidnapping.

The victim's family described the incident as a "frightening event," which "sounds like a movie".

Moschonas will be tried again within the week, for a final ruling.