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Giannis Antetokounmpo tells “60 Minutes” he was the best salesman on the streets of Athens

Giannis Antetokounmpo tells 60 Minutes about selling trinkets on Athens streets to help his family and how that persistence has propelled him in the NBA. The Greek Freak talked to Steve Kroft and the interview will be aired on Sunday.

He tells Kroft his success comes from his dogged persistence honed as a child street hawker.  “I was the best [salesman]. I was really good at it.” It was out of necessity. He and his brother sold items like glasses and watches on the streets to help their parents, who as Nigerian immigrants, had no papers and could not get work. “I didn’t give up,” he tells Kroft, adding that being young and cute helped.
Asked if he was still like that, Antetokounmpo replies, “Persistent in life? I think yes. I am. I’m going to do something until I get it right,” he says.
Antetokounmpo is still trying to get it right, despite the spectacular plays he makes and the fat stats he’s putting up. Asked if he thinks he’s going to get even better, he replies, “I have to. There’s not a choice. I’m really scared of failing. So I’ve got to get better.”