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Greeks of Alexandria, Egypt celebrate 25th of March

With Greek music and Greek dances, Greeks, Cypriots and Egyptians celebrated the anniversary of March 25, at the Greek Consulate General of Alexandria, Egypt, which bears the name of Alexander the Great.

"It is difficult to conceal the emotion that every Greek who lives in the city of Alexander the Great, in this queen of cities, is proud to bear the name of Alexander the Great by perpetuating memories of earlier times", stressed the Greek Consul General Emmanuel Kakavelakis, welcoming the patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa Theodoros, accompanied by the patriarchal commissioner of Alexandria Metropolitan of Akkra Narkissos, diplomats, deputies, members of the judiciary, representatives of the security forces and the the Egyptian army, but also the businessmen and representatives of the Greek community.

"The peoples of Greece and Egypt come from a long time ago. In the difficult times we are in, Egypt, Cyprus and Greece have created a strong front, based on 35 centuries of coexistence, in order to contribute to the consolidation of security, stability and growth in our region,  said Mr. Kakavelakis, at the beginning of the event that took place with the singing of the national anthems of Egypt and Greece.

At the same time, he made special reference to the trilateral cooperation of Greece, Egypt and Cyprus, noting that "tripartite cooperation at political, defense, economic, cultural, commercial, tourist and cultural levels is constantly being strengthened", and adding:

"Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias has recently stressed in Cairo that this tripartite relationship is a model of co-ordination and co-operation and expressed Greece's admiration for the achievements of Egypt."

In front of the representatives of the Egyptian Authorities, Mr. Kakavelakis expressed "his gratitude for how much Egypt hugs the Greek community. Egyptian Greeks are ready to contribute to the country's development. "

And the Consul General of Greece in Alexandria concluded: "Today, Greece is embroiled in a struggle on many fronts. There is no doubt that the Greeks will manage again, as we have proven from history. "

During the event a minute's silence was observed for the two victims of the recent attack on the city, and Patriarch of Alexandria Theodoros chantedthe "Hypermachus", while students of the Averofion High School of Alexandria danced Greek traditional dances, one of which, pentozali , was dedicated to the Patriarch of Alexandria Theodore as he was born and raised on Crete.