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NY mayor de Blasio visits Stathakion Cultural Center

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio visited the Stathakion Cultural Center in Astoria, on Friday, taking the opportunity to talk and to celebrate his birthday with members of the Federation of Greek Societies of Greater New York and expatriate businessmen.

Mr. De Blasio was welcomed by the president of the Federation, Peter Galatoulas, the vice-resident and personal friend, George Kallergios and City Councilor, Kostas Konstantinidis. Then the Mayor went to the President's office, where he signed the guestbook and had a brief conversation with both Mr. Galatoulas and Mr Kallergios, as well as businessman Yiannis Kalafatis.

Indeed, he did not hide his pleasent surprise when informed that he was the first New York mayor who, institutionally, visited the Stathakion Cultural Center

Both in his speech and in his statements to the Greek media, Mr. de Blasio expressed his great appreciation for the Greek community as well as the contribution of the Greeks in New York to the shaping of the economy, character and culture of the American city.

Then Bill De Blasio had the opportunity to participate in a traditional Greek feast with lamb on spit, souvlaki and live music.

It is recalled that as New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio participates every year in the 5th Avenue parade, as does the New York City Ombudsman, Leticia James.