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Greek - American businessman Alain Kalogeros facing many years' imprisonment

Greek - American businessman Allain Kalogeros is facing many years' imprisonment after being found guilty by the courts for efforts of manipulation of bids involving millions of dollars from the State of New York.

According to evidence presented by the Prosecutor's Office, Kalogeros and the former lobbyist close to governor Cuomo, conspired to trick Fort Scuyler Management Coproration, guiding lucrative contracts to Buffalo manufacturing company, LCPiminelli and Syracuse company, COR Development, for which they are supposed to have manipulated requests for proposals or RFPs.

 LPCiminelli, for example, was contracted to build a $ 750 million solar-plant along the Buffalo River, while COR received over $ 100 million in contracts for other plans. Both companies were Mr. Howe's customers.

"When Kalogeros was employed by the State of New York to spend more than $ 1 billion in taxpayers' money to support Upper NY's economy, he turned and distributed the key to the treasury with his friend Todd Howe and his clients," said prosecutor Matthew Podolsky during his final argument on Monday.

Three company executive, Louis Ciminelli of LPCiminelli and Steven Aiello and Joseph Gerardi of COR, were also found guilty.

Michael C. Miller, lawyer for Dr. Kalogeros refused in his own final placement that his client distorted the process. "Governor Cuomo knew what he did when he chose Allen Kogleer to take over the reins of the Buffalo Billion project and made it happen," Miller told the jury.

"There was no bribe," he added. "There were no trips. There were no fancy suites. There was no agreement for a mistress. There was nothing. Allen Kalogeros, from the beginning to the end, did his job. "

Judge Valerie E. Caproni, however, scheduled the date for the announcement of sentences in October.