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Greek diaspora in Germany rushes to help fire victims

A great wave of solidarity for the victims of the deadly fires in Attica is coming from the Church, groups and associations in the Hellenic community in Germany, as well as political parties.

Greek Communities and the Orthodox Church in Germany have collected donations already been sent to Greece, while the total amount is expected to reach Greece in the upcoming days. In order to relieve the victims, the Federation of Greek Communities calls on the communities to contribute financially to the Greek Red Cross account.
In the communities of the diaspora and the Church par shies across Germany, both essentials and money have been collected from day one.
Indicatively, the Greek communities near Cologne, Wuppertal, Zigburg, Bielefeld, Hamburg, Berlin, the Bonn / Rhein-Sieg Pontian Hellenic Association, the Troisdorf Parents and Guardians Association and the Troisdorf Greek team have been active in gathering anything of use for the fire victims, as eel as money.
One of the initiatives to aid the Greek people belongs to Green German MP Grüne Lisa Badum, a member of the German-Hellenic parliamentary committee in the German Parliament. In cooperation with the former Green party chairperson and current Vice-President of the Bundestag, Claudia Roth. the two have called on the German public to show their solidarity and offer money to the victims.

In a press release issued by Badum and Roth, they say that “the consequences of the violent destructive fire that cost the lives of at least 86 people and made left many homeless have shaken us. Many Greeks women and men are confronted with debris […]. What is needed now is also a message of European solidarity. It requires specific, non-bureaucratic assistance to Greece, and of course, particularly for the people of Kineta, Rafina and Mati, which has been destroyed by 98%.”

The Network of Greek Organisations in North Rhine-Westphalia called for donations to the Lyre Children’s Institution, while the people’s response was enormous in Munich, where the Greek diaspora is particularly strong and the initiative was undertaken by two parishes (Agios Georgios and Ag. Panton) and 9 institutions-clubs of the city. A special bank account for raising money has been opened in the Bavarian capital of the Association of Greek Doctors in Munich