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Eleutheria Zegini heads Institute of Translational Genomics of the Helmholtz Research Center in Munich

A Greek scientist of the diaspora, Professor Eleftheria Zegini, assumes the head of the new Institute of Translational Genomics of the Helmholtz Research Center in Munich.

The center will have close collaboration with the Medical School of the Technical University of Munich.

Ms. Zegini has been head of a research team since 2008 at the very prestigious British Institute of Genetics, the Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridge.

The Greek scientist is internationally known for her research combining epidemiology with the analysis of large data in genetics, aiming at a better understanding of the genetic background of diseases and the promotion of personalized medicine.

"We feel excited that Professor E. Zegini decided that the ideal environment for her visionary studies is here with us in Munich. As a new scientist, she has already made more than one discovery along new paths towards personalized medicine andprecision prevention, "said Professor Matthias Zepp, Managing Director of the Helmholtz Center in Munich.


Prior to the Wellcome Sanger Institute, Eleutheria Zegini worked at the Universities of Manchester and Oxford where, among other things, she made important discoveries about juvenile arthritis, rheumatic diseases and type 2 diabetes.

She studied biochemistry at the University of Manchester, where she received her PhD in 2003. She has held hundreds of scientific publications, including leading magazines (Nature, Science, etc.), and has been honored with the "New Scientist Award 2017 " of the World Economic Forum.