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Pan-Pontian Federation issues declaration against Prespes Agreement

On Saturday, October 6, 2018, the representatives of the Pan-Pontian Federation of the USA and Canada who participated in the Annual General Assembly held in New York City, NY hosted by the New York chapter of the Pontian Society “Komninoi”, voted unanimously after thorough discussion and constructive dialogue issued a declaration on the name issue with FYROM.

The declaration


The "Prespes Treaty" neither contributes to the normalization of Greece's relations with FYROM nor to the achievement of conditions of long-term security, stability, cooperation and peace between the two countries and peoples. Additionally, the greater Balkan region which, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and more recently of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, is a potential (if not active) fuse of international frictions, even conflicts, with unpredictable consequences. The causes are the effort to impose these irredentist aspirations and implement expansive plans through propaganda and usurpation. Macedonia has never been an independent state; it has never had its own language or its own history or cultural route. Macedonia has always been a unified and integral part of wider Hellenism, its culture, its language, and its history. Any distortion of this stated reality will have dramatic consequences.


We seek security, stability, cooperation and peace in the greater region, which only truth and justice can guarantee in conjunction with mutual respect for the history and culture. This is the real demand in the region. We are unreservedly on the side of the Pan-Macedonian Federations of USA and Canada in their effort to reestablish and consolidate the truth and justice with mutual respect for the history and the culture of all. The Pan Pontian Federation of USA and Canada does not accept the use of the term Macedonia or its derivatives as the name of the neighboring state of Skopje. We have previously signed a relevant resolution with another twenty-one (21) Federations of USA on Saturday, January 13, 2018, in New York.