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82nd Annual Scholarship Gala of the Hellenic Medical Association of New York

The 82nd annual scholarship gala of the Hellenic Medical Society of New York was held on 8 December 2018 in Manhattan.

The Gala's central title was "Focus on the Future," during which three phsicians were honored.

More specifically, Spiros Frangos, who is director of Surgery at Bellevue Hospital and Director of Trauma, Emergency Surgery and Intensive Care Unit at NYU Langone Health, was honored as a Distinguished Physician.

Andreas Cosmatos, who is an internal pathologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Queens, was honored as "Distinguished Colleague".

Peter Diamandis, founder and executive director of the XPRIZE Foundation, was honored as "Distinguished Hellene".

The event began with a reception, followed by a dinner, which began with a prayer by the Eminent Archbishop of America, Dimitrios.

In his greeting, His Eminence the Archbishop spoke about medicine as a science while urging attending physicians to continue the work offering therapies while pointing out the healing work of Jesus Christ (miracles).

Greetings were also addressed by the general consul of Greece in New York Dr. Konstantinos Koutras.

Dr. George Liakeas welcomed the event and launched the award ceremony with Dr. Spyros Frangos.

Dr. Frangos thanked his colleagues at NYU Langone Health and his family while stressing that the Bellevue Hospital provides services to vulnerable social groups, proudly participating in its work. By addressing young people wishing to pursue the field of medicine, he advised them to be humble and compassionate to their patients.

Dr. Diamantis thanked the Society for his honorary awards, and congratulated the guests. He also said his parents urged him to follow medical science while he wanted to become an astronaut. As he said, he finally studied medicine and thanked his parents for his upbringing.

A dinner, followed which was attended by the Young Professionals, while the program ended with live music, dj and dancing.

As announced, Konstantinos Lampropoulos and his wife, Maria Markou, support the club's work each year.

The event honored - among other things - the presence of the Consul of Greece in New York, Lana Zochiou, Dr. George Kofinas with his wife, Miranda and many others.

It should be noted that Dr Antonia Fthenakis Kofinas, Dr. Jason Kofinas and Dr. Eugenia Gianos, Dr. Giannou, were the co-organizers of the gala.

Members of the Gaa Committee were Dr Panagiota Andreopoulou, Dr Lorraine Chrisomalis Valasiadis, Dr. Helen Gouzoulis Koutsos, Dr. Miranda Kofina (Dr. Lorraine Chrisomalis Valasiadis, Nicole Contos Liakeas, and Gus Lambropoulos.

Chairman of the Scholarship Chair was Dr. Sotirios Stergiopoulos, while Evangelia Tsavaris was Chairman of the Journal Chair.

Members of the Executive Board of the Hellenic Association of New York are Dr Georgios Liaekas (Chairman), Dr. Panagiota Andreopoulou (1st Vice-President), Dr. Michael Plagogiannis (2nd Vice-President) Sotirios Stergiopoulos (Secretary), Dr. Frixos Goussis (Assistant Secretary), Dr Demetrios Karides (Treasurer) and Dr James Melis (Assistant Treasurer) .