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"Cliffs of Freedom" pre-showing in London

Featured "Cliffs of Freedom" pre-showing in London

Chinese film director Van Lig welcomed on Saturday night the guests who had arrived from the United States and Greece to watch the film "Cliffs of Freedom" in the Ham Yard screening hall in London.

From the last row, Marian and Dean Mitropoulos, producers of the film that made Hollywood speak Greek, watched anxiously. The story of Anna-Christina, a Greek peasant girl growing up under the Turkish yoke, unfolds on the big screen along with the passion of the Greek people to gain freeedom. In English, the film contains a few Greek phrases, chief among them the slogan "Freedom or Death".

Cliffs of Freedom is the brainchild of Greek American writer and philanthropist Marianne Metropoulos, whose novel Daughter of Destiny is the basis of the film. Metropoulos is the co-writer and co-executive producer of the movie, which tells the story of a young Greek woman, Anna Christina, who enters an impossible love affair with Tariq a Turkish military officer, on the eve of the Greek uprising, facing facing the dilemma to choose between love and her people’s freedom.

Directed by Van Ling, whose claim to fame came through his special effects work on films like The Abyss, Terminator 2 and Twister, Cliffs of Freedom is an ambitious project of high production value, reportedly modelled after classic epics such as Dr Zhivago and Laurence of Arabia.