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Prince Charles welcomes 120 Greeks to Saint James’s Palace

Featured Prince Charles welcomes 120 Greeks to Saint James’s Palace

The doors to Saint James’s Palace in the heart of London opened in order to welcome 120 Greek businessmen and celebrities from every corner of the Earth.

It was the beginning of the four-day events of the international Prince’s Trust organized jointly by Prince Charles and the father Alexandros Karloutos of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, with the aim of tackling youth unemployment. In the palace, Prince Charles warmly welcomed the guests and discussed their activities.

Most guests, about 30, had traveled from New York City along with father Alexandros, like billionaire Dean Mitropoulos, architect Mercourios Angeliadis and the real estate broker Dean Spanos from Los Angeles.

The rest traveled from Greece, Australia, Germany, Italy and France, like Corin Medzelopoulos, the owner of the legendary French vineyards “Chateau Margaux”.

The campaign against youth unemployment in many countries of the world – including Greece – begun through the Prince’s Trusts. The Trust was set up in 1976 by Prince Charles and has since opened the road to the labor market for 890.000 young Britons.

The goal is to support young people in their first steps, either by finding a job or by helping them set up their own business.

As the son of the former Greek King Constantine, Prince Paul, said, 59 young people have found jobs in Greece so far. Many of the Greek businessmen invited to the events pledged to support the Prince’s project by hiring unemployed people in their businesses.