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Thessaloniki honors Louie Psihoyos

Featured Thessaloniki honors Louie Psihoyos

During a special evening on Saturday at Olympion, the 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival awarded the Gold Alexander to the Greek-born American film director Louie Psihoyos, an official guest of this year's event, for his contribution to cinema.

The creator is in Thessaloniki and on the occasion of the carte blanche that was given to him this year by the Festival to choose ten favorite documentaries and to present them to the audience.

Following the honorary event and the award, the audience had the chance to attend the special Oscar-winning documentary "The Cove" (2009), which records the massive dolphin extermination in Japan, followed by a discussion with the director .

"Photographers see the world more clearly than others. They frame it. The point, though, is that you will shoot the frame, but if the world saw more movies, if people were more informed, things would change for the better. The movies should be filmed to change the world, not for eating popcorn "

Louie Psihoyoss, the 62-year-old Greek-American was born in Iowa. He is the son of a Greek immigrant builder who left Sparta shortly after the end of the civil war, a worker who ... "wanted to change the world not only with the hands but also with my mind," the National Geographic photographer, the Oscar-winning documentary director, in Thessaloniki with a carte blanche for selecting a series of activist documentaries that put the world's protection at the forefront.