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Munich municipality demolishes Greek school

Featured Munich municipality demolishes Greek school

Τhe Bavarian capital intends to end the controversy between the municipality of Munich and the Greek state regarding the construction of a new Greek school,  according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, which notes that "the city council seeks to demolish the Greek school under construction".

The German newspaper notes that "if the city council accepted today the proposal to demolish the building under construction then the city of Munich is adopting a new strategy in the case, which began about 20 years ago.

The new attitude of the city council is causing concerns among the Greek community of Munich. Lawyer Stavros Konstantinidis, an advisor to the Greek side, is disappointed, as he says, finding a compromise solution was in sight.

Everything had been settled, says the Greek lawyer, the amount of repurchase of the land by the municipality of Munich, the construction of a Greek-German school, and even the details of renting rooms for teachers for the about 500 Greek children in Munich.

Has Greece no longer any claim?

As the newspaper notes, the municipality of Munich speaks of new legal data resulting from the disappearance of a building fence, which the local government has taken care to immediately to replace. German lawyers now claim that because of this evolution Greece no longer has any claim, so even the compromise solution to which the two sides almost reached does not even apply.

The proposal to demolish the building under construction leaves a door open to the Greek side. By May 31, Greece must decide whether to rent halls for the teaching of Greek children that the City of Munich intends to build in the new building.

However, it is still unknown whether today's vote in the municipal council will put an end to the ongoing issue of erecting a Greek school in Munich or whether lengthy judicial action between the municipality of Munich and the Greek state will begin.

It should be noted that after building a fence, the municipality of Munich claims that he plot and the building under construction belongs to it. According to the legal representatives of the municipality, Greece will now have to go to court demanding the return of the land. "