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Work and Holiday Visa agreement between Greece and Australia swings into effect

Featured Work and Holiday Visa agreement between Greece and Australia swings into effect

The Work and Holiday Visa agreement between Greece and Australia came into effect on 1 July 2019. The agreement makes it easier for young Australians to work and study in Greece and for young Greeks to do the same in Australia.

The agreement takes the number of countries participating in the Working Holiday Maker programme to 43, and makes 500 places available in each country for Greek and Australian citizens between 18 and 31 years to live abroad for 12 months. Certain conditions need to be satisfied for the visa to be offered:

• Applicants should have not previously participated in a program for the Youth Mobility (Work and Holiday) or in a program for Work Holidays in Greece;

• Applicants should have a degree of tertiary education or they have successfully completed at least two years undergraduate university studies;

• Applicants should have adequate living resources for their personal expenses;

• Applicants cannot be employed by one employer for more than six months, unless the appropriate permit is granted. Furthermore, they cannot work as an au-pair;

• During their stay in Greece, applicants are not allowed to take part in studies or training for more than four months;

• The main purpose of the program is recreation, the work should be linked to recreation.

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The entry visa – which is also a residence permit – provides the right to work and study in Greece. Holders of this entry visa may not extend their stay in Greece beyond the authorised period provided (12 calendar months).

Details regarding the application process and relevant documentation can be found in the following links:

a) Work and Holiday Visa Australia info

For Greek applicants: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/work-holiday-462/first-work-holiday-462

For Australian applicants: https://www.mfa.gr/australia/en/greece/greece-and-australia/work-and-holiday-visa.html

b) The visa application form is available at https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/work-holiday-462/first-work-holiday-462

Pre-requisites for the applications are as follows:

• Signed application for the letter;

• Valid copy of passport;

• Formal declaration that the reason is to visit Australia for holidays for 12 months without accompaniment by dependent persons;

• Formal declaration of not having participated in any such programme before;

• Formal declaration that there is no criminal record for the applicant;

• Formal declaration that the applicant has sufficient funds to issue her/his tickets and cover her/his first expenses for at least one month (those funds are stipulated at 3,000 euros and are reciprocal for both countries);

• Copy of degree of education;

• Certified copies of other degrees (if obtained in other countries, they should be accompanied by a certificate of their formal recognition by Hellenic NARIC (ΔΟΑΤΑΠ) or in the case of students, a formal document that certifies the continuation of their studies after the successful completion of two years of studies;

• Certificates of English as foreign language at least at B2 level;

• 30-euro fee for the application.

Youth interested in participating in the program can apply to the Embassy of Greece in Canberra or to the Consulates General and Consulates of Greece in Adelaide, Melbourne Sydney and Perth.

The 462 Visa is based on the Memorandum of Understanding between the governments of Greece and Australia that was signed in Canberra on 14 May 2014 that was ratified by Greek law No 4353/2015 (National Gazette No 173, Issue A, 14-12-2015).