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What are the provisions of the Greek Expat voting bill

Featured What are the provisions of the Greek Expat voting bill

Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos sent out the draft law accompanied by the reasoning appendix to the Greek political parties regarding the expatriate vote.

The bill includes the points agreed at the three meetings of the Inter-party Committee, which are:

– Presence, in the person of voters at special electoral stations which can be at embassies, consulates, buildings of Greek communities or other public buildings of the state where the vote is being held.
– Ballots of Greeks outside Greece are counted as per normal and equitably to the overall result and therefore for the distribution of 300 seats.
– The State ballot increases from 12 to 15 candidates. Overseas voters cast their ballot for the party they want. It is up to the parties to choose if one or more representatives of non-Greek constituents will stand.
– In order for a voter to be eligible to register on special electoral rolls, he must have lived in Greece for at least 2 years over the last 35 years and have a Tax Registration Number.