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PM Mitsotakis' message to Greeks living in the USA

Featured PM Mitsotakis' message to Greeks living in the USA

"Greece always needs the support of its children. And these, wherever they live, always need its bright sun and its blue seas," Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday in his message to the Greeks living in the USA.

The prime minister stated that Greece is entering the second month of the emergency measures and that, following the illegal incursions of migrants at the border, the country also had to deal with the attack of an invisible enemy against health.

"We have won the first battle. And every day we are winning the second one. Through the government's bold and swift decisions. Through the mobilisation of the state. And with the responsible behaviour of all citizens, in cities and villages," he underlined, adding that his thoughts are with the Greeks, wherever they may be, and especially with those living in the USA.

"The experience in our country shows that calmness and solidarity bring results. So stay home, taking care of your personal hygiene and those who are most vulnerable. And stay next to each other. Our Embassy and Consulates will always be open to you. The organisations and our Church are a stable network of contribution and mutual aid," he underlined.

The prime minister also urged Greek-Americans to contact their relatives and get to know the new platform www.greecefromhome.com.

"We will succeed," he said, adding: "With responsibility and discipline, the ordeal of the pandemic will soon be over. And we must be healthy and with as few losses as possible. To meet again, united and strong, in the summer, at home."