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People vaccinated abroad can register online for Greek certification

Featured People vaccinated abroad can register online for Greek certification

Foreign and Greek nationals who have been vaccinated for Covid-19 in any of 60 countries using the European Certificate program can register online in the Greek National Vaccination Registry as of January 10, to be certified.

Deputy Digital Governance Minister George Georgantas told Parliament that people who have been administered one or two doses in the 27 EU countries and another 33 besides can register on "anagnorisi.emvolio.gov.gr". The platform may also be used by those who have been administered two doses in Greece and a booster shot abroad. Those who have done two doses and want to get a booster shot in Greece may set an appointment through the same platform, Georgantas told KINAL MP George Kaminis, who asked the question.

This would facilitate entry to indoor venues now open only to fully vaccinated people, he said. These include indoor restaurants, theaters, and entertainment and music venues, among others.

As of January 16, any person over 60 years of age not vaccinated is subject to a 50-euro fine for January and a 100-euro fine every month thereafter, according to Greek law. Georgantas clarified that the fines are for people who have not received a single vaccination dose. 

For nationals or those vaccinated in countries not among the 60 countries included in the European certification program, a person may go to one of the Citizen Service Centers (KEP) and apply with any valid vaccination certificates they have, in order to be exempted from the fines. 

The site can be accessed in English as well at https://anagnorisi.emvolio.gov.gr/#/.