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Dr. Pavlakis: We lost the war with the coronavirus

Featured Dr. Pavlakis: We lost the war with the coronavirus

The coronavirus will not go away, warns the doctor and researcher, Chief of the Human Retrovirus Section of the National Cancer Institute, Giorgos Pavlakis, referring to what the pandemic has in store for us.

"The cost is and will remain huge of the pandemic," he stressed, speaking to SKAI tv.

Regarding the course of the pandemic, Dr. Pavlakis referred to the summer months, noting that "we rely on the general - summer", unless the data change again, as he said.

An alarm for immunity

He observed that the virus does not seem to calm down, on the contrary "it goes up constantly", at the moment when "immunity goes down".

"No matter how many wishes we make, the virus will do what we allow it to do," he said.

Regarding the course of the vaccinations, Mr. Pavlakis expressed the assessment that the immunity is declining, as "those who were protected, a year ago, with the vaccines, will no longer be".

This, as he pointed out, will make Greece "increasingly vulnerable to the coronavirus".

"It will never leave…"

Regarding the estimates for March and whether there could be a noticeable improvement, he said characteristically: "You are beating wood for March".

"We will have a terrible bad flu forever. "The coronavirus will not leave," he underlined.