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Greeks fleeing Mariupol, Ukraine

Featured Greeks fleeing Mariupol, Ukraine

Mariupol is being evacuated by Greek citizens, Consulate staff and all journalists. The evacuation operation will reportedly start at 11 a.m. Wednesday and was decided as the city is besieged and fighting erupts. According to diplomatic sources, given the situation in the Mariupol area, but also because -according to Russian announcements- a humanitarian corridor will be opened tomorrow, March 2, for the exit of citizens from Mariupol to the west, it was decided to evacuate part of its staff. of the Consulate General, all the journalists who are housed in the premises of the Consulate General, but also Greek citizens who wish to leave.

The car convoy under Ambassador Frangiskos Costellenos is expected to depart from Mariupol by road tomorrow at 11.00 am. It is noted that the movement will be done by the same means. Greek citizens who had expressed interest in leaving Mariupol are informed by the Consulate General and the Crisis Management Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The plan is for the procession to move to the city of Zaporizhia and then, depending on the circumstances, to the border with Moldova, where there will be a staircase of the embassy in Bucharest, under Ambassador Sofia Grammata, to provide them with everything possible. help. Consul General in Mariupol Manolis Androulakis will remain at the Consulate General, which will continue to operate.

The Tass news agency reported in a telegram that Russia intends to help pave the way and be used by all those who want to leave Mariupol, urging them if they wish to follow an eastern route to Russia, where - as they say - will offer them safe haven and hospitality.

It is recalled that for security reasons, an operation was organized on Monday, February 28, to evacuate Greek citizens from the area of ​​Odessa. 26 people were transported safely to Moldova. Also on the same day, for security reasons of the staff and the journalists, the Consulate General of Mariupol was transferred to the facilities that housed the OSCE Special Surveillance Mission.