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Development Minister: Now's the time to invest in Greece

Featured Development Minister: Now's the time to invest in Greece

"Now is the time to come to Greece and invest", is the message addressed by the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, speaking at the 23rd Annual Conference of "Capital Link Invest in Greece", in New York.

Addressing in particular entrepreneurs of Greek origin, he stressed that every investor will come to invest only if she/he believes that he will make a profit from his investment.

"Now is the time"

"But now that you see others, who are not Greeks, coming and investing in Greece, surely now is the right time for you to come. Not because you are Greek, but because you will find opportunities in Greece and people who will help you solve any problems that arise ".

Mr. Georgiadis stressed that in the last 2.5 years, the image of Greece has changed and is now an attractive destination for investment. "If two years ago I told you, from this step here, that Elliniko would have started in two years while we were discussing it for ten whole years, I think no one would believe me. "Today we managed to have the work in Elliniko and to know that in a few years we will be able to be proud of the beautiful works that will be made there", he stated and added:

"Pfizer, which was the first foreign direct investment to come to the country, had 200 jobs in its original plan. Today it has 700 jobs and I hope it exceeds 1,000. And it's not just Pfizer. Microsoft is coming to Greece. Digital Realty is coming to Greece. Amazon Web Services is coming to Greece. Meta-Facebook is coming to Greece. And many more. "


He recalled that 900 cities were candidates for the Microsoft data center and announced that next Friday the investment will be approved along with other strategic investments by the inter-ministerial committee.

Finally, he underlined the repayment of the IMF loans but also the imminent exit of the country from the European supervision. "Despite this turbulent period with the war, where everyone sees destabilization and uncertainty, I tell you that we will continue in the same way in the future," concluded Mr. Georgiadis.