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Monica Bellucci at the Greek Consulate in New York

Featured Monica Bellucci at the Greek Consulate in New York

The effervescent star of world cinema Monica Bellucci was at a function at the Consulate General of Greece in New York.

In particular,  the Italian actress was officially invited for a mini-reception at the consular residence, ahead of the show "Maria Callas: Letters and Memoirs", which is set to open Friday at 8 p.m. at Broadway's Beacon Theatre.

With the show's director, Tom Wolfe, by her side, the popular actress won the audience with her simplicity and kindness, as well as the warmth with which she approached the role of Maria Callas, while the project cycle is now coming to an end.

The consul general thanked Monica Bellucci

The consul general of Greece in New York, Dinos Constantinou, warmly thanked Monica Bellucci for her presence, pointing out the quality of the performance and the way it captures the legendary Maria Callas.

“If I may use a line I read from an expert, that the incredibly brilliant actress Monica Bellucci embodies the incredibly brilliant soprano Maria Callas. I would like to thank Monica Bellucci and Tom Wolfe. It is the year of Maria Callas and we should focus on that, because she was such a fantastic personality and a great soprano, I think the best of all time", Mr. Constantinou pointed out in the same Media, while Tom Wolf emphasized that she is " very important to be at the Consulate General of Greece in New York to honor a Greek-American, like Maria Kallas".

For her part, Monica Bellucci referred to the interest that the personality of Maria Callas aroused in her, but also the way in which she rose to the top and left her mark, which remains indelible even today.

"It was something that moved me deeply. Now we are here and I hope you enjoy the show on January 27th. What touched me most about Maria Callas was this duality between the diva and a woman with a simple heart. A woman who died of grief and a broken heart. We are here for her," Monica Bellucci emphasized to the "National Herald".