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Digital Governance Min Pierrakakis meets with Michael Dukakis

Featured Digital Governance Min Pierrakakis meets with Michael Dukakis

Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis met with former candidate for US President and former governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis in Brookline. "I had the pleasure and honour to meet today in Brookline, Massachusetts, with Michael Dukakis, a top politician, candidate for US President in 1988, and recognised academic. A leader of his era, was the longest-serving governor of the state of Massachusetts during the period of the economic miracle and an example for the Greek-US community as he proudly promoted the Greek culture, the land of his parents, in the multicultural American society" Pierrakakis said in an announcement.

During their meeting, Pierrakakis said that they discussed Greece's spectacular turn, after a ten-year long crisis, to a course of recovery, stability and prosperity in the last four years. At a time that all the countries are addressing a series of geopolitical, economic and technological challenges, a discussion with Dukakis was highly instructive. The positive and determined spirit of politicians as Michael Dukakis inspires us to remain loyal to the forces and to the meeting of our vision for a Greece in a constant course upward.