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The documentary about the life of King Charles has a Greek signature

Featured The documentary about the life of King Charles has a Greek signature

On the day of the enthronement of King Charles, the documentary on the life and career of the newly crowned king, which has been undertaken by the Greek project manager and screenwriter of the British palaces, Andriani Manetta, will be released in 17 countries.

"Using rare photographic documentation and interview extracts, we are going to look at moments from his childhood, his studies and talents, his work through the Prince's Trust, fatherhood, his positions as head of the army and the Church, the his views on the environment and the paparazzi and of course his feelings towards his two spouses," Ms. Manetta told the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency.

When will it be shown in Athens?

The much-anticipated production, which features people with disabilities who have benefited from the charities the King leads, focuses on the answers Charles has given to the most important issues in his life. "The documentary contains several indirect messages and a big surprise at the end," says the royal family associate.

It is worth mentioning that together with the "pen" of Ms. Manetta, the separate production has a Greek signature. The director is the Greek-born Yiannis Plastargias and the editing is by Giorgos Mystiloglou.

At the same time, she notes that "you don't change the team that performs excellently. I want to thank Giorgos Mystiloglou for the amazing editing and especially for the endless hours of editing that took 2 months until we arrived at the final product."

In Greece, the documentary will be shown on May 6 by ERT.