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George Gigicos: Trump's former partner opens business in Athens

Featured George Gigicos: Trump's former partner opens business in Athens

George Gigicos, a former close associate of Donald Trump, saw an investment opportunity in the tourism sector and decided to open a company in Greece.

The Greek-American from Florida and three partners have created a new business with luxury vehicles for VIP transfers to airports, hotels, train stations, ports and private residences, while offering private tours in Athens and throughout Greece.

Greek hospitality for VIP travelers

The affluent customers targeted by the company will offer Wifi, ipads with information about Greece and mobile phone chargers, while they will also be treated to bottled water from Mount Athos. At the same time, it will cooperate with a yacht company for tourists who want to discover Greece from the sea.

Having spent whole decades as the person responsible for the movements of political and religious leaders, George Gigicos declares that he now knows all the secrets of the trade and is ready to teach Greek hospitality to VIP travelers who will visit our country for holidays or business obligations.

His role alongside Bush and Trump

The founder of a strategic communications, public relations and crisis management firm in the United States, George Gigicos had worked alongside President George W. Bush for eight years from 2001-2009, while he had a leading role in the election campaign of Trump, who appointed him for a time and deputy assistant of.

Their epic feud in 2017, when Trump informed him he was fired after holding him responsible for a botched event in Phoenix, has gone down in history.


Now, Mr. Gigicos has decided that the time has come to invest in his grandparents' place, hoping that this new venture will be successful.