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Elections 2023: The percentage of participation of Greeks abroad in the polls

Featured Elections 2023: The percentage of participation of Greeks abroad in the polls

The voting of Greeks abroad for the parliamentary elections has been completed. So far the Ministry of the Interior has an image of their participation in the polls until midnight on Saturday (Greece time) for all countries where electoral divisions were set up except the USA and Canada, as due to a large time difference the electoral process there was ongoing until the morning hours.

In particular, out of 20,970 registered, 16,827 voted and 4,143 abstained. That is, the participation rate (excluding USA - Canada) was 80.2%.

In Great Britain

Of the approximately 170,000 Greeks who live permanently in the United Kingdom, they finally managed to register 4,876 people on the special electoral rolls. This is the majority of Greeks abroad, not only in percentage but also in absolute number, who declared that they want to vote in their place of residence.

The vast majority of them are people up to 45 years old. Many of them settled in Britain in the last decade, while many voted for the first time in their lives.

As the Greek ambassador in London, Mr. Ioannis Tsaoussis, pointed out, "the voting was conducted smoothly and without any problems at all in all 12 electoral divisions created in the United Kingdom."

In Cyprus

With a participation rate that exceeded 90% for the Greeks of Cyprus, the voting for the elections of May 21 was completed.

Voters came to the five polling stations set up in Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos, from 07:00 to 19:00.

Out of a total of 1,462 registered in the special electoral rolls, 1,340 voted, a percentage corresponding to 91.6%.

More specifically, in the first electoral division of Nicosia, 397 out of a total of 438 voters voted. In the second electoral division of Nicosia, 438 out of 474 voted for them.

In Limassol, out of a total of 255 registered, 227 voted. While in Larnaca, out of a total of 212, 198 voted.

Finally, in Paphos, 80 of the 83 registered voted for the Greek elections.