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FM Gerapetritis meets Dukakis in Boston

Featured FM Gerapetritis meets Dukakis in Boston

Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis visited the former US presidential candidate and longest serving governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis, on Sunday. The meeting took place in a cordial atmosphere at the Dukakis home in Brookline, Boston.

Gerapetritis thanked the veteran Greek-American politician, a member of the Democrats, on behalf of the Greek State for his contribution to promoting Greek-American relations, stating that everyone in Greece is proud of his career and that Michael Dukakis is a role model for the younger generations of the Greek-American community.

During the meeting, the discussion focused on developments in Greece and the improvement of the economic climate in the country. They also discussed the climate crisis and the need for global action to deal with its consequences. The foreign minister referred to Greece's positions on the climate, following the prime minister's recent speech to the UN.